Hi, I’m Maria. The natural world is important to me, but don’t spend nearly enough time outside as I’d like.

I write because it motivates me to spend more time outside in nature and helps me to record some of my adventures.


When I think about things that are big, epic, exciting, and life-changing, I think about the outdoors. I grew up in the country catching turtles and frogs. In college, I studied the environment in general and forests in particular. I’m currently doing my best to live a simple, intentional life that’s never too far removed from nature.

I started this site as a way to reflect more on nature and how it affects our everyday lives. The more I learn, the more I’m convinced that nature is a cornerstone for personal performance and community vibrancy—in short, we need to have nature in our lives in order to live our best life. On this site, I focus on finding ways to make nature part of an exciting, fulfilling lifestyle. I write about: exploring the outdoors, creating adventures (even out of ordinary things), and vibrant, simple living.

Is it counter-intuitive to have a website devoted to spending more time away from screens and in nature? I’ve certainly asked myself that question more than once, but I’ve found that writing helps me better appreciate the benefits that I get from spending time outside and encourages me to do more of it. And I hope it helps other people in the same way.