Hi! I’m Maria Janowiak.

This is where I write about

gardens, forests, and more. 

A Bit About Me

When I think about things that are big, epic, exciting, and life-changing, I think about the outdoors. I grew up in the country catching turtles and frogs. In college, I studied the environment in general and forests in particular. I’m currently doing my best to live a simple, intentional life that’s never too far removed from nature.

I started writing online as a way to reflect more on nature and how it affects our everyday lives. The more I learn, the more I’m convinced that nature is a cornerstone for personal performance and community vibrancy—in short, we need to have nature in our lives in order to live our best life. My writing has evolved over several years, and lately I’ve been focused on my garden and the woods near my house.

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In the Garden

I’m thinking a lot about gardening these days. Why? Because gardens are amazing. They provide pretty much anything one could possibly need for living a great life. Healthy food? Check. Beauty? Check. Productive movement and exercise? Check.

After 10 years of having a mediocre garden, I’ve decided that it’s time to level up my game. I’ve decided to go back to the very fundamentals to see what I missed the first time around.

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In the Woods

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the woods, ever since I was very little. I studied the ecology and management of forests in college, and have worked professionally with foresters and natural resource managers since then.

But my interests extend much farther than my day job—I cherish working forests that provide benefits the natural world and to people, and am working to conserve and steward the forests where I live.