My friends who’ve know me the longest tell me that I have a terrible memory. The two of them will describe events from high school, of our collective antics and mishaps, and I can’t seem to remember a damn thing. My husband says that my memory isn’t so bad, and maybe there’s a sliver of truth there. Maybe it is better than I think… but that’s not still not saying much.

My memory is good, if you’re looking for facts. I’m wonderful at remembering details: if you need to know what the letters in an acronym stand for, I’m ready to help. I can remember all sorts of book facts. For example: did you know that a stegosaurus has 17 plates along its back spine? I learned that from a book sometime around fourth grade, making me want to be paleontologist, then an archaeologist, and then an anthropologist, none of which ever happened.  But I have retained the knowledge for two decades that there are exactly 17 plates on a stegosaur.

Source: Senckenberg Museum,

But I’m not necessarily good at remembering where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and who I was with. There’s a lot that’s missing in my memory. This was evidenced recently when I revisited by previous blog from 2006-07 (and, no, I’m not sharing thatand read at least two posts describing things I would never, ever have remembered again if I hadn’t seen them.

So that’s what this blog will be about– capturing and sharing stories about the places I’m in, whether I’m at home doing something mundane or off traveling to new places. And also using these stories as a way to gather my thoughts and reflect on how we fit into this crazy world and all of its various nooks and crannies.

5 thoughts on “Welcome! And dinosaurs.

  1. I think writing down the things that happen will definitely help your memory. I definitely think that putting things into words and thinking through everything will help to cement those experiences into your mind, so to speak.

    Memory is weird, though…there are a number of psychological studies that suggest confidence in a memory doesn’t necessarily make it more accurate, memories often change over time, etc.

    Jake often forgets a lot of stuff that’s happened to him, too. He’ll say something like, “I’d like to try that restaurant…” and I’ll have to remind him that we’ve already been there.

    I recently asked him the about the first movie he remembers seeing in the movie theater and he said, “Groundhog Day”. I looked it up, and he was 12 years old when that movie came out. I was like, “You never saw a movie before that?” He was like, “Not that I can remember.” His mom said he definitely went to movies before that one, but couldn’t recall what his first movie theater experience was either.

    I’ll have to write down that kind of stuff for Eleanor so she has a “memory” of it. I’ll also have to be sure to teach her that a stegosaurus has 17 plates. 🙂

    Love you!

      1. I’m actually not entirely sure! I do remember throwing up in the movie theater while watching Disney’s Cinderella, though. I was about 5 years old…not sure if I saw anything before that.


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