Trees are Amazing #1

Draw a tree.  Not a conifer: that is, not a Christmas or a pine tree. Go for a pleasant deciduous one with nice, big leaves.

Doodle it on paper or picture of it in your mind.

If your art skills are pretty basic, like mine, did it look something like this?


Or, if you’re a 19th century Dutch painter, did it look something like this?

1 1889 O Vincent van Gogh (French artist, 1853-1890) Olive Trees

When I draw a tree (yup, all three squiggles of it as seen above). It has leaves. Does yours?

It’s well into fall now. Most of the trees have lost their leaves, and they won’t come back again until sometime in May, maybe even June. Isn’t it funny that even though trees have their leaves less than half the year here, we still usually think of trees as having leaves?

And isn’t it truly amazing that trees can survive so well, even though they spend so little of their lives with their photosynthetic systems fully intact?!

So, when you drew your tree, did it have leaves?

4 thoughts on “Trees are Amazing #1

  1. It was too early in the morning for me to draw a tree (ha ha, what an excuse!) but am enjoying reading your blog. Where in the western UP are you? I’m over in the L’Anse area.

    1. Thanks! I’m on the Keweenaw– just head due west out your door, cross the Bay, and start climbing the hill. You’ll find me before too long! 🙂


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