Definitely Winter

I’m pretty excited that winter is here. The best part is that so far it’s been a speedy transition from fall to winter: one week I’m raking leaves and running in the rain, the next I’m goofing off in the snow. This is so much better than weeks of cold-with-no-snow or, even worse, rainy-and-cold-weeks-with-no-snow.

Now I know that winter is here because I’ve experienced that horrible moment when it’s so cold and windy that I can’t breathe. Do you know what I mean? It’s like I’m breathing normally and then all of a sudden a strong wind comes up and it snatches my ability to inhale.

I also when cross-country skiing for the first time this season, which was my first time ever skiing in November.

We’re also checking in on our neighbor’s dogs while they are away for Thanksgiving. It’s about a mile away and I’ve been trying to bike over there some of the time that I go.

Why? Largely for the novelty of riding my bike on snowy roads and because I think some of my neighbors must think I’m crazy. (But am I really any crazier than the guy on this 4-wheeler? I’m sure that I’m warmer!)Also, because I would like to be badass and drive my car less. And because if I don’t drive my car, it is a lot faster than walking.  

Lastly, another benefit was that on my way today, I saw another neighbor as she was walking her dog and I got to stop and chat with her a while. Conversation topics: dogs that don’t like leashes, local wolf sightings, and how errands in town can eat up the whole day.

Some tips on how to dress for any other crazy folk out there!
Some tips on how to dress for any other crazy folk out there!
On my way to my neighbor’s house on Thanksgiving Day.

4 thoughts on “Definitely Winter

  1. Are you using your regular lug tires on the mountain bike? I like the idea of wearing rubber boots on a bike ride! How about eyewear, do you get lots of tears from cold wind in the face? I have worn leather work gloves and skiing mittens when riding in cool/cold weather, and within a few minutes of getting warm they always ended up being overkill! Cheapies must be the way to go.

    1. Right now im just using regular tires, and they seem to have enough grip. I have the pressure a little lower than normal. Cheapie gloves are my fav- today it was only 10 out but they were fine for shoveling.


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