What’s worse than doing laundry?

What’s the worse house chore? My sister-in-law declares that its laundry. She hates doing laundry. Perhaps its genetic – my husband  also hates doing the laundry. In particular, he hates folding. If it were up to him, he would put clean clothes directly into the dresser draws without folding. And in college, when he did his own laundry, that’s exactly what he did. Er, that’s what he did when the clean clothes weren’t heaped on the couch to make finding them even easier…

I don’t mind laundry so much, and I’m fairly content to putter away at it on a weekend morning with the rest of my chores. I have noticed, though, that if I don’t fold the laundry on the weekend, it sits in a basket on the bedroom floor all week and I spend each morning rummaging through it for an acceptable outfit. So it’s definitely a good idea for me to fold it right away; otherwise it adds a bit of chaos to the rest of the week.

Now that it’s winter, I generally dry our clothes in the basement next to the wood furnace. This keeps us from running the dryer most of the winter and potentially adds some moisture to the air. When I’m on top of things, I think I have a pretty awesome system worked out. In the summer, I do most the same stuff on the line, but use more clothespins so things don’t blow away.

laundryMeanwhile, my most hated chore is taking out the compost and garbage. I have no idea why, but it seems like such an inconvenience to put on my shoes/boots and walk the 100 feet (oh, the horror!) to where it needs to go. As a result, our kitchen garbage and compost bins are generally overflowing and stinky!

What’s your most-despised chore?

4 thoughts on “What’s worse than doing laundry?

  1. My worst chore is cleaning the bathtub. There’s mold/mildew that keeps coming back in our grout. I’ve been getting out the bleach again and again to make it go away. Ugh.

    I don’t think laundry is so bad, especially now that we enclosed our laundry room. I’d hate it if we had to go to the laundromat, though.

    1. Definitely not a fun chore. I have been wondering about our grout too. Like, do I have to take it off and start over with all new stuff!

      I’m glad that the laundry room is working out!

  2. Ugh. I hate them ALL! Lately I have severely neglected sweeping, and there are balls of dog hair and who knows what else everywhere. Really, every room in the house has tufts of fluff wafting around in the air currents. When I see a particularly nasty one I’ll pick it up in my hand and throw it away. but the rest – well, I’ll take care of them someday. Maybe when barefoot season returns…

    1. Our mop broke, so I don’t think that done any vacuuming or mopping– and not much sweeping– in a few months. Dog fur abounds in every corner. I really need to remember to get a mop the next time I’m at the store!


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