This past weekend, I went back home to Wisconsin where my parents live. I’ve been thinking a lot about the outdoors in anticipation of starting this blog, so it was nice to go home and see the place where I grew up.

I am certain that I will always have an affinity for the southern Wisconsin landscape—rolling fields, small woodlots, treed fence lines, marsh grass, red barns, and winding rivers. There are few sites that I love more than a pretty sky and some trees framing a field of round hay bales. And probably no sound that I love more than that of sandhill cranes flying overhead. (It’s no coincidence that our house in Upper Michigan is located in an area that has more farms and some of these characteristics .) 

I am grateful for getting to experience all of those things this past weekend.

Future posts will go into detail on each of these places, and more. But for today, it seems appropriate to start by giving a quick shout out to to Spring’s  arrival in southern Wisconsin. Let’s hope it spreads north soon!

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