Very Spring, Very Fast

When I woke up this morning, I sat up in bed to look at the sun coming through big, beautiful leaves on the tress in our woods with the kind  of perfect low, yellow light that makes everything look super pretty. And the first thing that come into my mind was Cat Steven singing “Morning has Broken,” which seemed both a little funny and oddly appropriate for a Sunday morning.

The sun in our woods this morning.
The sun in our woods this morning.

Spring has gone wild here — finally. We had about two months of wait for it… wait for it… and then one day (bam!) it’s 80 degrees, the tree buds are popping, and its off to the races. The last two weeks has felt like an all out sprint trying to get the garden in, swatting mosquitoes, hosting assorted guests at our house, stumbling in to a second dog, and riding bike like crazy.

My latest quest: Catalog all our plants

One of the major themes of this blog is to better understand the environment that surrounds us. It’s really easy for me to get so wrapped up in whatever I’m doing that I’m oblivious to what’s going on in my periphery. (Sidenote: Can one have a periphery? I think so.)  So I blog, which makes me think about what’s going on that’s worth sharing, which makes me pay better attention.

To better understand what’s really out there, I’m on a (very slow and long) quest to catalog the plants on our property. I’m using Plants Map, which is a free online software for organizing and cataloging plants. I’ve split our land into five gardens: the perennial plants around the foundation of the house, the new-native Wisconsin prairie garden hiding the septic, the vegetable garden, the woods, and the yard.

It’s very unlikely that I will actually ever catalog all the plants in our yard (especially grasses — ick!), but at least I’ll be able to record all the major plants in the woods and keep track of my prairie plants over time. This morning I noticed a little white spruce in the woods that I’d never noticed before, so I added that. And I was kinda of excited to add my newest plant to the list: a frilly rhubarb plant that my neighbor gave to me. It was from his parents rhubarb farm in Lower Michigan, and he’s working to get it established in gardens around our neighborhood.


I only have a dozen or plants recorded so far, but I hope to keep adding more. My gardens are listed here, and I’d love to hear about yours!


3 thoughts on “Very Spring, Very Fast

  1. Very weird. I was just reading another blog post and they were talking about the song Morning has Broken. I think it’s time to listen to that classic once again!

    1. Just click on the link at the top of the post, and it will take you right there. I had the song in my head on and off all day today– definitely not a bad thing! 🙂


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