Delayed: Making the Best of Tarmac Time

I usually don’t blog from on the road,  but that’s how it’s going to work today. I’m on my way back from a phenomenal forestry meeting in Vermont, trying to work my way home. But due to thunderstorms and various other airline shenanigans, we’ve been stuck on the tarmac for two hours watching it rain.

Airports aren’t good places for watching it rain: everything just looks the same shade of day gray. And there wasn’t much lightening to watch either.

I try to stay positive, even about air travel. Traveling is fun. I love going to new places, as well as getting to know certain a lot better. Awesome things happen on trips, like how I got to ride this kick ass bike along the shore of Lake Champlain on the beautiful first day of summer earlier this week.


Or I stay positive by thinking about what a marvel all this modern aviation is. I don’t know how planes work, but it’s pretty amazing that they can magically transport us quickly and efficiently through the sky to anywhere in the world.

But all that dissipates when our airplane is sitting on the tarmac for two hours, spewing exhaust along with 50 other jets on what must be one the world’s largest pieces of pavement. There goes my inspiration. It’s disappointing and boring and frustrating.


It’s hard not to get ornery, and I still sigh and complain a bit, even though it doesn’t help.

I try to focus on other things. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the relative quiet of planes for writing time. Sometimes I’ll write down memorable things from my trips so that I actually have a chance of remembering them. Or else I try to come up with writing ideas for here or elsewhere. Or ideas for my future businesses.

Besides, there’s still a magical aero-plane that’s capable of moving me across Great Lakes and up and over mountain ranges and continents at hundreds of miles in an hour.

That’s so incredible that it’s worth the wait.


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