3 thoughts on “Find out Why YouTube is Dangerous

  1. I love this video. While I agree in theory about going outside more often, I have to admit that I avoid the outside because of the sun. I burn easily & skin cancer is a real risk, so to go outside I have to slather myself with SPF 9000 goop which means that the sunshine isn’t getting through to me and that I’m a greasy mess with clogged pores. I can’t win when it comes to the great outdoors.

  2. I totally get it– I’m super pale and burn easily, so my outdoor time pretty much never happens at the beach!! A few potential workarounds for getting outside while avoiding the sun: (1) Go early or late in the day when the sun isn’t so strong. It’s generally cooler and more pleasant anyway. (2) Go in the woods so that you’re out of direct sunlight. It’s pretty pleasant there too! Also: this is my fav (non-greasy) sunscreen: http://www.ewg.org/2014sunscreen/about-the-sunscreens/567617/Kiss_My_Face_Sun_Spray_Oil%2C_SPF_30/


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