That Ethereal Sound

I only just started to try to learn some birds this past spring, and I’ve only learned a few so far. But one of the nice things is that I now at least notice them more often, even if I can’t identify them.

The past week or two I’ve been noticing the most interesting, ethereal, pretty birdsong in the morning and and evenings. As it turns out, it’s a veery.

I don’t think I’ve seen one of these yet, but it makes me happy to hear them. Not quite as happy as hearing a sandhill crane—probably my favorite bird, in part because of it’s pterodactyl-like* call—but much more happy than hearing something boring like a chickadee or robin.

And even though YouTube can be dangerous and addictive, it’s also helpful for learning. Check this out and then go listen to birds:

*Although we’ll probably never know what a pteradactyl actually sounded like, I love to imagine that it sounded like the rattle call of a sandhill crane!

2 thoughts on “That Ethereal Sound

  1. I’ve been hearing that Veery out by my house quite a bit, especially right before sunset. That sound at the 10-second mark is unmistakable. It is kind of eerie, but it’s beautiful. How did you match that sound to that bird? I was going to search the Interwebs for it, but I couldn’t figure out where to start.

    1. Thanks for your comment! When I heard the song, the first word that I thought of was “ethereal,” which isn’t a word that I often think of. So that’s actually what I searched for– “ethereal bird song.” That took me to wood thrush, but that wasn’t quite right. But the veery is a thrush too, so I was able to find it pretty quickly using a combination of the Cornell birds website and YouTube (both good resources!). I agree with you; the song is unmistakable and beautiful!


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