Country Mouse Visits the City

When I was little, I had two favorite stories, both of which probably say a lot about me. One was the Princess and the Pea (because I am a real princess, after all 🙂 ). The other was the Country Mouse and the City Mouse. I can’t remember the entire story of the two mice, but the gist was that the country mouse went to visit her friend in the city and was impressed by all the things there. But then was also scared by the city, and was happy to go back to the country and live a simple life.

That is 100% me.

I love traveling to cities, but also get burned out on them pretty fast. This week I’m in DC, which is always a fun place to go. It’s warm, bright, easy to get around, and there’s lots to do. And since half the world and 80% of American’s live in urban areas, it’s good for me to remember how most of the world lives and works. But I’ll be itching to get back home in a few days to my corner of the world where this is only one person for every 20 acres (that’s 30 per square mile, compared to DC’s 9,800 for numbers nerds like me).

In the meantime, this country mouse is going to go hang out with some city trees. Stay tuned for more!


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