Should I blog? (Part 2)

…In the previous post, I left of with my wondering if I should keep blogging, in spite of my mixed feelings and insecurities. The truth is, I’m massively indecisive and so I honestly don’t know how long I’ll keep it up.

My plan is that I will keep writing here for at least the fall, while I work on two new projects.
The best part about blogging has been capturing random thoughts and experiences from the past year (like this walk in Vermont), but I often wonder whether it’s worth it.

#1: Project Get Out will probably be the source for most my blogging for the next few months.  Fall is the absolute hardest season for me. Short days, crummy weather, work travel, and the holidays always seem to gang up to put me in a funk and make me lazy and homebound. So for the entire fall (that is, Sept. 22 through Dec. 21) my goal is to:

  • Get outside for at least a half hour every day
  • Get out at least one mini-adventure every week
Is kind of ridiculous that I have to do this,  but it will be hard. Especially because I’m traveling for work the first few days of fall and will be preoccupied with some pretty massive work days. But that’s the goal and I’ll try to make it happen. So stay tuned for updates on that.

#2: Project Special K is where I’ll be thinking about where all this blogging and online writing is going next. I have some (secret!) ideas in mind about where I might take things,  but need to do a lot more brainstorming, research, and scheming first.
What do you think about blogging? Is it worth it?


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