Project Get Out: Week 1

Project Get Out is my personal challenge to spend at least a half hour a day outside for the fall. Because even though I write about the outdoors, I don’t get out nearly enough.

Let’s call Monday, September 21 the start date. This keeps it in nice, even weeks even though fall didn’t technically begin till Tuesday. Also, I can’t remember what I did outside on Sunday, although I’m sure I got out before catching a flight to Albany. So I’ll start with Monday.

Last Saturday, before the challenge started, was a big outside day. Sexy and I combined some of our favorite activities by looking for ducks by bicycle and tromping around in the woods to set up his deer hunting blinds.

As it turns out, I picked a bit of a hard week to start, as I was away on work travel almost the entire week and committed to long days inside for meetings (that I was organizing no less… arg, I did it to myself!). Anyway, I told my coworker about my intentions to get out every day and asked her to be my accomplice. Her response: of course! She usually walks her dog every morning and night when she’s at home. Instead, she’d be walking me!

Monday: Monday included a really, really pretty drive from Albany eastward into Massachusetts, but most the day was spent inside in meetings and prepping for more meetings. Outside time was covered by a nice 15-minute walk in each direction to the dinner restaurant.

Tuesday: Same walk, different restaurant.

Wednesday: This was the craziest day at work, so the main outside time was just eating outside at lunch. But we did manage to go up to a scenic lookout before going on a wild goose chase (i.e., unsuccessful attempt) to find some pitch pine forests. However, the combination of the day’s activities did reconfirm my feelings that I have the most awesome job ever.

Thursday: The crazy work was over (hooray!), which meant that I could relax a bit. I went for a run in the morning, which included getting my butt kicked as I ran/slogged up a big hill. About halfway into the run, I had the option of continuing down the road or turning around. It was too early to turn around, but continuing meant going down hill– and then having to go back up in on the return. Luckily, a third option appeared when I noticed a wooded cemetery off to one side, and I was able to take a lap around it before heading back.

The cemetery was bigger than I thought it would be, and also much more forested. It was like a park, with random gravestones sticking out of the brush. There was even a granite park bench that proved to be an actual gravestone, which seemed equally practical and creepy.

It it weird to run in a graveyard? It felt kinda weird.

Friday: My first failure, although not my fault. I didn’t make it outside because I was stuck in airports and airplanes all day on account of mayhem with the Chicago airports. It’s crazy to think that in a 24-hour period, I did not spend more than 10 minutes outside all day, and that was just from the hotel to the car and the car to the airport at 6 in the morning.  And then it was all airport until after midnight.

Saturday: Saturday was my rebound day for not getting out on Friday, and for being so happy to be back home during gorgeous fall weather. I started the day off with an hour-long walk to the lake near our house. Then lots of relaxing on the porch. And then off to Silver Mountain and the Sturgeon River Gorge to check out the fall colors.

Fall colors. Kaboom!

Sunday: I had intended to go to a cyclocross race, but when it was nearing time to get ready on Sunday morning, I decided I needed to spend the day with my garden. This last gardening year was pretty brutal with the late spring and cool summer (plus my attention being diverted to bike tours and writing…), so it’s the first year where my garden wasn’t better than the year previous. So, it’s time to start getting beds ready for next year.

This year is the first year I’ve grown a reasonable amount of grapes. I can’t wait to have wine!

That was my week!

What did you do outside recently?


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