A quick special post this week. I was in Vermont for work and had a little time to take a stroll in the woods. When I looked at what might be nearby in the Green Mountains, I honed in a trail named Mt. Horrid and The Great Cliff. I needed to go there.

Mt. Horrid and The Great Cliff—how could I not go there? It sounded so mysterious and exciting, like a Harry Potter movie or something.

Plus, it was less than a mile hike to The Great Cliff, so an easy break from driving.

I have definitely spent too much time in the Midwest and have no idea what  any sort of real terrain is like. This wasn’t that hard of a hike, but I was dying on this long climb up a rock staircase. , On that particular day, it was much harder worse than it would normally have been since my quads were crazy sore from lifting big, heavy weights earlier in the week.

This was a big climb!
This was a big climb!
Almost there!

The Great Cliff was a pretty big cliff, but I wasn’t going anywhere near the edge. In this pic you can see the road where the trailhead starts to get an idea of the elevation change.

Hanging out at the top!

I didn’t hike the remainder of the way to Mt.Horrid, which would have taken more time than I had available. When I got back to the car, I drove to the Mt. Horrid overlook and got a really good look of The Great Cliff from the bottom. But there was no Mt. Horrid in sight.

It was a bit of a bummer not to see it, but at least I can continue to imagine that it’s mysterious and spooky.

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