Project Get Out is my personal challenge to spend at least a half hour a day outside for the fall. Because even though I work in natural resources and write about the outdoors, I don’t get out nearly enough. 

Ack! This fall-turned-suddenly-to-winter has gotten the best of me, making me want to give up and hibernate! On the plus side, the weekend have been extremely quiet, allowing me to sit and read (and nap!). This all makes perfect sense—last year I determined that this time of year is my least favorite.

Monday: Long day at work—didn’t make it outside. Fail.

Tuesday: Long day at work—didn’t make it outside. Fail.

Wednesday: Long day at work—didn’t make it outside. We have so much snow this year! I went skiing after work, but the conditions weren’t the best. The temperature was still well below freezing, but the snow seemed to be warmer because it was wet and sticky. I was on the lighted trails and it was snowing a ton, which meant that the entire ski was in sort of a sepia-colored version of a white out. I felt like I had no idea where I was because visibility was so poor and it was just nothing but snow.

Thursday: Because of all the snow, my outside time has had to become a lot more practical—snow blowing after work.

Friday: Long day: work, followed by errands—didn’t make it outside. Fail.

Saturday: The last cyclocross race of the season was on Saturday. I’d really wanted to go to see what the course would be like with 2+ feet of snow on the ground, but I couldn’t muster the energy to drive the two hours in each direction to go. I can’t even remember if I went outside this day, or just enjoyed being inside and relaxing when I could. I think I stayed inside. I went to a friend’s house and made a Christmas wreath, and then later to another house for a party.

Sunday: While I was mostly lazy, cuddled up on the couch reading all day, I did go outside and take a fairly long walk up one of the neighborhood roads.

Monday: More snow removal.

Tuesday: Long day—no outside time. Fail.

Wednesday: I went skiing after work. At the trailhead, when I was about to go out, I ran into a retired professor’s wife that I know from around town. She was so happy and said, “It’s beautiful out there. We’re so lucky to have these trails.” I don’t think this was a Thanksgiving-related outburst of gratitude—she’s just joyful like that all the time. Of course, I completely agree with her; it was a great day to be out. I don’t run into her often, but every time I do, I think, “I want to grow up and be like her.”

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!! It was a beautiful morning, and I took pictures of trees for a recent post. Then more skiing. I couldn’t get myself excited to drive 15 miles to the trails to go skiing, so for the second time this year, I just skied right down our road. With 2-3 inches of fresh snow on top of snow-covered roads, it’s good enough for me. It’s not as scenic as the trails, but it doesn’t really matter—I’m a terrible skier and spend most the time looking at my feet anyway.

Trails are nice, but I’ll ski right down the road when I have a chance!

Friday: The day’s project was for Sexy and me to move wood into our basement for the next 6 weeks or so. It was really nice to just putter away on that project (move wood from shed to trailer, trailer to house, over and over) while chatting about things we want to buy (solar panels! a tractor! land!) someday.

Saturday: Over at the neighbor’s property, I helped snowshoe some trails in the woods with the intent of making trails that we could use during the winter for skiing.

Sunday: Travel for work tied up my day from four in the morning until after dark, so I didn’t get out. Bummer.

Ack! I guess it’s good that I at least have better than a 50% success rate, but I’m not doing so well at actually getting outside lately. (Spoiler alert: So far week 11 isn’t looking that good either.)

Last year, I attributed my fall blahs and lack of activity to the cold weather, and, to a lesser extent, to hunting. This year—especially with so much snow on the ground and the potential to ski—I’m realizing that sunlight is probably my biggest hurdle in all this. Long days and travel don’t make it any easier, but mostly I just can’t get myself out the door after dark because I get the heebie-jeebies thinking that I’m not visible to cars, but potentially more visible to anything else that might be out in the woods (like Bigfoot!).


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