Hey Everybody, We’re Going Streaking!

One idea that’s caught my interest lately is streaking. Not the go-run-around-naked-in-public kind of streaking (it’s too cold for that!), but the kind of streak that gets everyone excited when, say, a sports team wins several games in a row.

The first streaking that caught my attention (again, it’s below zero around here, so there are layers upon layers of clothes…) was probably in Runners World months or years ago, where an article talked about runners who run day after day. Some people do it for a few hundred days, while others (er.. or at least one guy)  go for 50 years. According to a more recent article, running streaks are a growing thing.

I never thought about it intentionally until recently, but I’ve been dabbling in streaking for at least a year. My first real streak was probably when I gave up alcohol for two months, which led to a streak of cutting back on sugar. At some point during the year I gave up breakfast cereal, and have only broken that streak once in about a year. In the fall, I tried to start a streak of getting outside for a half hour every day with Project Get Out, although I struggled with that one. Later in the year I had another streak of clean eating when I tried an elimination diet to see if had some food sensitivities.

I’ve more recently been in the midst of a streak that was mostly unintentional…. although once I realized that I had a streak going, I was pretty excited. This streak isn’t about food—it’s about travel: I haven’t gone more than 40 miles from home in since 55 days. And except for one trip, I probably haven’t gone farther than 25 miles from home. (Last weekend I didn’t even get in a car or go more than 1.5 miles from home!)

It's been so awesome to be able to be at home so much lately. I've probably spent too much time inside, but I've gotten outside too!
It’s been so awesome to be able to be at home so much lately. I’ve probably spent too much time inside, but I’ve gotten outside too!

If you’ve seen the list of places I went last year, you’d see that I had a pretty big trip just about every month in 2014, so being home for more than 6 consecutive weeks is a very big deal. And I’m only going to be gone for one night on this trip, and then home for another two weeks. My trip in late March is going to be a blast, but it’s been absolutely wonderful to be at home for so long.

I like streaks because they’re a way to try out new things and get some momentum going, but don’t have all of the pressure of goals or resolutions or changes. It’s temporary—just like taking your clothes off to go for a run around town, only to put them on at the end and go back to ordinary life. It’s a nice way to try out new habits see how well they work, without having to commit to doing them forever (or feeling bad for messing up once in a while).

What about you—do you streak? 😉

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