I’m a bit overdue on publishing this post, but I couldn’t miss this one: the outdoor adventures from our 10th anniversary celebration!

My husband (alias Sexy on this blog!) and went up north to Lac La Belle and Copper Harbor to relax and check out some sights we hadn’t yet managed to visit in the 12+ years each of us has been living up here.

Lake Superior

So Lake Superior isn’t new to us, but it’s kind of ridiculous how little time I spend by the lake even thought it’s so close. (And, of course, Sexy would tell me that’s a good reason to go fishing on Lake Superior with him more!) To start off our anniversary celebration, we had a friend take some pics of us along the lake shore in Eagle River (which was really just an excuse to eat at the Fitz).



Montreal Falls

I remember us talking about going to Montreal Falls and the mouth of the Montreal River a long, long time ago—probably in the first six months we were dating—and yet this was our first time there. It was a pretty easy hike along the shore to get there and we lucked out that the mosquitoes hadn’t hatched up north yet (although the were already in force back home). The lower falls are big and loud and impressive, but we didn’t stay there long. Instead, we went to the upper falls (which I didn’t even know existed), found a cozy place to sit down, and just watched the waterfall for a good, long time.




Bare Bluff

Another morning, we finally headed out to Bare Bluff, which is not too far from Montreal Falls. I’d been hearing that the hike was somewhat difficult and got “sketchy” in a place or two, so I was really curious to see what it was like. The trail is a 3.5-mile loop, and I think we went around it in the opposite direction than most people do—starting at the bottom and scrambling up a rocky drainage to the lookout. Done that way, it wasn’t too sketchy or difficult, and the view was amazing.




And More

I didn’t get any photos, but we did spend a fair amount of time mountain biking at the Copper Harbor Trails and hanging out in Copper Harbor.  Plus, we paired the vacation with some time at home doing fun and necessary spring things, like gardening and making wood for next winter. One day, Sexy had baseball practice and I used the time to go for a mellow trail run. When you live in such an amazing place, it’s easy to be happy vacationing close to home!


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