I only recently learned that solar noon—the time of day when the sun is at its highest—is at about 2 pm in the summer at my house.

When I found this out, I could only think: Duh! That makes perfect sense if I’d ever thought about it. 
But I didn’t even think about it, even though it’s pretty much obvious. Solar noon is simply at the halfway point between the summer sunup around 6 am and sundown around 10 pm.

If you would have asked me when the hottest time of day was in the summer, I would have said 2 pm. But if you’d asked me why, I wouldn’t have known. I probably would have deduced that Daylight Saving Time is partly responsible by delaying clock time. But I would have guessed at other reasons why the hottest part of the day is much later than 12 pm, probably guessing something about how it takes a while for things to warm up.
When is solar noon at your house? Find out using SunCalc.


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