I was able to borrow a friend’s Solar Pathfinder so that I could get a better sense of our property’s sun exposure. The center of the Pathfinder shows the path of the sun throughout the day for different months of the year, while the bubble-top device has a reflective surface that shows the location of any shading. It’s a slick device, and I was thrilled that it was so easy to use.

The Solar Pathfinders main use is to assess areas for solar energy production, and one reason that I wanted to use it was to see whether our yard might have enough light for solar panels. But I also wanted to check out how sun moves across all parts of our yard so that I have a better sense of where I should plant trees and shrubs,

Come back for my next post, where I’ll tell you what I planted!

That shiny spot in the middle shows that this part of our yard has direct sun from about 9 am to 3 pm all year long.


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