Last year when I identified all the trees in our woods, I was most excited to find an elm tree in the southwest corner of our property, close to the road. As it turns out, I overlooked another bigger elm tree on the southeast corner of our property, so we have at least two.

Now we have at least six because I was able to get my hands on some large elm saplings and plant them in our yard.

One of my favorite things: trees!

Making space for them.

I also realized that I don’t spend near enough time in the wooded part of our property. In fact, I probably hadn’t been in our woods—that place that’s 200 feet from our house—since we pulled the taps at the end of sugaring season. That’s ridiculous! I’m glad that now I’ll have watering these new trees as an excuse to spend more time over there.

Elms are super fun to identify because of their sandpaper-y leaves and spongy bark!

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