My favorite wetland is on a country road that runs through the Ottawa National Forest. The road wraps around the west side of it, making it easy to admire it and possibly contributing to holding in some of the water as well.

It’s a pretty little wetland with a lot going on.

I first stopped there for the swans a few years ago in the spring. Swans aren’t too common, and usually they are just (large) white specks at a distance. But that day they seemed to be ready to nest for the spring. One flew over my head from the pond to another location—presumably another little wetland nearby—and eventually back. Another swam toward me, not aware I was there, and found a comfortable grassy island to sit and lay eggs.

The last time I went past the wetland, it was a calm morning in early June. I didn’t see any swans that day. (Do they go somewhere else? Or just hide in the back corner away from the road?) There were a lot of birds, although I can pretty much only identify red-winged blackbirds by site and by sound.

It didn’t matter what the other birds were. It was the bullfrogs that took center stage that day. They were amazing, making a cacophony of deep calls that came from all different locations across the pond. I would have like to have sat and listened for hours, but I had to get back on the road that day. Hopefully I can make it back before the end of summer.

Some day I’ll have to bring a lawn chair and just sit at watch this wetland all day long.

Where is your favorite wetland?



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