This year, peak fall colors occurred about a week ago. To be precise, the actual peak happened sometime between Sunday at 4 pm and Tuesday at 3 pm, depending on the location.

For me, the grandest moment of the fall was a week ago Sunday evening when it was unseasonably warm and I decided to just sit at the picnic table for as long as possible because it was so magnificent outside.

Around here, the trees have been pretty gorgeous over the past week, although they are starting to noticiably fade now. Hard frosts the past two nights (both of which zapped my garden and ended its season) have accelarated the process, and the weather will progress into the gray, leafless fall that we will have for another month or two.

At least Sexy will be happy—that (crazy) forester prefers when there are no leaves because its easier to see in the woods. Better for work, better for hunting, he says.

Meanwhile, here are just a few photos from the past week. I hardly dare to take fall color photos (aka leaf porn) because they are never even close to the real thing. Even the view off the porch right now is probably better than any photo I’ve seen yet this year.

A pretty view I happened to catch.
The annual hike up Silver Mountain (pre-peak).
The top of the mountain.
Walking down the road.
Walking down our road to the lake (post-peak).
Sunrise at the lake.
Sunrise at the lake.

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