I recently realized that I’ve started my third year of blogging.

Happy belated b-day, Bloggy!


I started the blog in October 2013 as a place to record miscellanous ideas and travels. At that time, I only had a vague sense that I wanted to write, and was not very clear on the reasons why. In retrospect, the best answer to why I started blogging would probably be: mindfulness. As the pace of my career and my life picked up, I was realizing how disconnected I was from certain aspects of my day-to-day life.

The blog has grown and changed, but the overarching theme has always about my quest to find congruence—that magical place where my life lines up with my values, all the things I really care about.

Writing has always been the way that I work my ideas out. I’ve kept a journal since sixth grade, and I currently write about 10 times more on paper than what gets to appear online. This is very good for you, dear reader, because you really wouldn’t want to read the other stuff! The ideas that make it into the blog are more considered, more polished, and (usually) more than just random thoughts.

So this is what you can expect in year three:

  • More focus on  how spending more time with nature makes life better, including a lot of practical advice for how to spend more time with nature without having to hike the Appalachian Trail (unless you want to).
  • A smattering of posts about intentional living, featuring the tools and tricks that I’ve been using to find that magical congruence.
  • Dispatches from my travels, including exciting trips to new places and everyday exploits to the backyard and garden.

I hope that sounds good to you!


One thought on “The Blog, Year 3

  1. Happy Anniversary/blog birthday! Love this post and I look forward to year 3 of your blog. My views align closely with yours. I enjoy nature and believe it is truly therapeutic & great for the soul.

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