If I were to pick out one photo to sum up this past week, this would be it:


I took this photo in Downtown Chicago at the beginning of this week. There was a big snowstorm last weekend that grounded all flights into O’Hare and left me sitting in the Boston airport for 4 extra hours. We eventually did get to the airport once the weather cleared, but I missed my connecting flight and was stuck in Chicago for an extra day.

In the photo, ice hangs on a crabapple tree after the storm. There were a number of trees outside of The Art Institute of Chicago drapped in icicle, which made a very seasonal scene. And it was appropriate: even after returning home, it’s been a cold and icy November week.


I took advantage of the time in Chicago to walk around the city and stretch my legs after a long week of travel. I’d been busy with work and stuck inside and stuck in cars for much of the time, so it was wonterful to get out and move. From the train station, I picked out a destinations about 2 miles away on the north side of Downtown and my day consisted of walking there and back, and all around in between. I hope you enjoy the photos!

A wintery scene in the morning.
A wintery scene in the morning.
Downtown, on the river that reversed its flow.
A reflection of the city and sky on the Cloud Gate in Millenium Park.
The iconic tall building.
The iconic tall building.
One more photo before leaving town.
One more photo before leaving town.

4 thoughts on “Layover

  1. Thanks for the photos and word reminders of big city life. It made me realize I have not flown in plane in thirty five years. I am not a hermit but I live in another world, far from your world. I hope you are as happy in your surroundings as I am in mine.

    1. Thanks for the note! Chicago is far from my usual habitat in the forests of Upper Michigan, so spending time in the city was a novelty for me as well. It was a fun day, but I prefer the rural life as well!


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