Last week I was in Vermont and had the opportunity to check out Shelburne Farms, and impressive historic estate that’s now an educational center for farming. Being early December, much of the place was closed for the winter, including the historic home (truly a mansion!), the barns, and the Children’s Farmyard with actual animals.

The historic home from a distance, on the shore of Lake Champlain.

The trails and property were open, however. Stepping outside of the Welcome Center at the property’s old Gate House and looking at the map, a woman approached and asked, “Do you know where you want to go? I come here all the time.” Since we just wanted to cover some ground and get a sense for the place, we asked her where to go.

We walked a big loop, from the Gate House to the Inn (formerly the historic residence) on the shore of Lake Champlain based on the woman’s recommendation. She said that it would feel like we were traspassing by the Inn, but that we weren’t and so we should get up close—and we did.

The house up close.
The house up close.

Then there was more walking around, to the coach barn (where we peeked in the windows) to the solar “orchard” and through the woods. Then to the Old Dairy Barn because it had a bakery inside and that seemed like as a good of a destination on a gray fall day. After all was said an done, we’d walked about six miles for the day and seen a lot of the property.

This barn had a badass weather vane!

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