Spring is being quite the tease this year. We’ve had some gorgeous days of warm and sunny weather, inevitably followed by a return to cooler temperatures. At least twice now, the snow in our yard has nearly melted and then we’ve immediately gotten new snow to cover up the cold, wet ground. It’s not that this is unusual for this time of year, it’s just that it’s irritating every year.

I’ve been trying to think about what I want to do this spring. Partly, it seems like I have to catch up from being sick so much this winter; between being sick and traveling for work, I’ve been feeling a bit behind on life. Slowly, I’m catching up. After tearing out the walls in our upstairs to redo the insulatation last fall, we finally have painted the walls and put our stuff (mostly) back in place. And while the house isn’t clean, it’s not the sty it was a few weeks ago. Slowly catching up.

When I think about what I really want to do this spring, it’s really simple: I want to play outside and I want to get stronger.

I feel cooped up from so much indoor time this winter. To some extent, this is true of every winter, but it feels like it even more this year because I was under the weather for so many weeks in January and February.

So this is what that looks like for the spring (April-June):

  • Plant blueberries and raspberries
  • Garden a lot (I have a separate list of garden projects.)
  • Do a CrossFit class in April
  • Bike at least one 70+ mile ride
  • Camp outside 2 nights
  • Race the canoe triathlon 
  • Complete Master Gardener course
  • Start Master Gardener project
  • Go on anniversary vacation

That’s it. No big trips or mega-adventures. I just want to be at home, watch spring return, and play outside.

The snow was almost gone from the garden (but then it snowed again).
The snow was almost gone from the garden (but then it snowed again).


2 thoughts on “A Handful of Goals for Spring

  1. Maria, your garden area is magnificent! Wow, you must really like to stay busy and work hard. I would love to live in the country and have all that room for a fenced gardening area. Your list for the summer is extensive, and will surely keep you moving.

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