It’s been raining a lot this past week. It rained all yesterday and this morning, and again this afternoon.

Muddy worm in a muddy garden!
Muddy worm in a muddy garden!

Yesterday I spent a little bit of time digging some spiderwort out of the perennial flower garden wrapping around the foundation of the house. There were three big patches of it, and it was finally time to get rid of it. I don’t like it because the whole plant has a tendency to flop over and look crummy, even though it has pretty fuschia flowers. So yesterday morning, I started to dig it up. I moved a bit of it, but then it started to rain and rained all day, so that was the end of that.

This morning I started back at it. I didn’t have a big plan; I just figured that I would continue to putter at digging the spiderwort out, and quit when the forecasted rain came back. It was too wet to mess in the vegetable garden and try to plant seeds, so this seemed like something to do.

But it didn’t rain, and I got into a major gardening groove. Three hours later, and I had dug up all the spiderwort. I’d also pulled all of the violets that were spreading beyond their designated location (I didn’t realize how weedy they are!). With all the new space, I moved the remaining plants around, dividing plants that were to crowded and adjusting the spacing to something I that I hope will be better than the haphazard mess that was there.

This is what one side of the garden looked like after the overhaul. If I realized how much work I would do, I would have taken a ‘before’ photo.

I took a break for lunch, and then started on the Wisconsin wildflower garden. I started by weeding an area that I hadn’t worked in yet this spring. Another three hours later (with some breaks when rain showers passed over) and I’d weeded the whole garden and reformed the entire edge. The edging was hard work because I first had to remove the old rocks that I had previously used for edging (carrying them by the bucketful into the woods). Then, I had to use a cultivator hook to pull out invading grass and reshape the edge into a smooth line.

The entire day was both glorious and exhausting.

The wildflower garde, partially weeded. (The black tarps are to smother grass so that I can seed in a new, shorter grass since mowing the mound is a pain.)

It’s amazing (and ridiculous?) how much I enjoy weeding. Weeding is supposed to be a chore, but I really do like it. I enjoy being outside and being mellow, slowly and somewhat systematically working my way through a bed. I enjoy seeing the progress of how nice the weeded areas look in contrast to the ‘before’ situation. I get satisfaction in tugging the weeds up, particularly when a long root pulls easily from the soil, and also in filling my plastic bucket.

I really can weed for hours, happily passing time and only vaguely aware of my thought. After a long week (month?) at work, this productive quiet time is exactly what I needed.


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