A Handful of Goals for Spring: Update

Near the beginning of spring, I set some goals so that I would spend more time outside and get stronger. I was tired of being cooped up over the winter, especially since I’b been sick for several weeks. I’m not that big on setting goals because it seems like I don’t always have a lot of success, but it worked pretty well this time. Here’s how it went:

A spring snow on May 14!
A spring snow on May 14!

Plant blueberries and raspberries

We’ve been at our house 9 years now, so it’s a shame that I didn’t plant berries years ago. Every summer I kick myself for not having planted them, especially raspberries because they are my absolute favorite and so expensive to buy. This year I finally did it. I planted 14 blueberries in the front yard, 16 raspberries in the back yard, and another 25 strawberries next to the house becasuse I had the space. I need to check my on all the plants and mulch some more, but everything seems to have taken pretty well.

Garden a lot

Beside planting berries, I’ve definitely been gardening a lot. I started working in the vegetable garden in early April, and now we have lettuce and spinach to eat. My vegetable garden is fairly big—30 feet by 40 feet—and I generally don’t use all of the space. This year it is all planted for the spring and it’s nearly full; I don’t think I’ve ever had more planted in there in past years. And I’ve also spent a lot of time in the other gardens, weeding and moving plants around.

Extra credit: another gardening class I took.
Extra credit: another gardening class I took. Here we learn to bend pipes for making hoop houses.

Complete Master Gardener course/Start Master Gardener project

I’ve been inspired to garden so much this year because I started the Master Gardener program. The last session of the course was this past weekend. After taking an exam, I can start on my volunteer project. I’m going to make raised beds at a health care facility and pitch in on a few other volunteers’ projects.

Do a CrossFit class in April

Okay, enough with the gardening—I did other stuff too. In April I took an introductory CrossFit class to try it out. I’ve been curious about CrossFit for years and a little nervous to try it because I thought I might like it too much. The class was fun, with hard workouts four mornings a week. I was terrified to jump up on a 20-inch wood box the first time and even banged my shin the first day when I missed the box on one jump, but then I got comfortable with it and could jump up easily enough (when I wasn’t winded and dying from doing burpees or some other hellish exercise). I might do it again in the fall; we’ll see.

Camp outside 2 nights

I actually did this—kinda. One night, I think in May, I wanted to sleep outside so much that I dragged a mattress from upstairs onto our front porch and slept out there. It ended up storming with a lot of wind and rain, but  the porch provided enough shelter to stay out. On another day, I bought a camping hammock and went to the cabin where Sexy and some friends were spending the weekend fishing. I slept outside that night too, although I had to get extra layers from my car in the middle of the night. It was fun to sleep outside, but I slept poorly both times. I’ll try it again in warmer weather.

The view from my hammock one morning.
The view from my hammock one morning.

Bike at least one 70+ mile ride

I haven’t done this yet; I think my longest bike ride has only been about 27 miles. But I’m keeping this one on a list for the summer and have some plans in the works…

Race the canoe triathlon

I did this last weekend, and it went really well. This race is hard to describe, but I love it. The conditions were just about perfect this year—70 degrees, overcast, slight wind in a favorable direction—and I finished the race faster than ever before.

Canoe training at the lake on a foggy morning
Canoe training at the lake on a foggy morning

Go on anniversary vacation

We have some other projects in the works, so we didn’t go on a true overnight vacation this year. But we did have an epic day that involved biking to the neighborhood restaurant for breakfast, going to Copper Harbor to mountain bike, biking out to Hunter’s point (noticing a pattern?), and eating the most amazing meal at the Fitz. So we did celebrate well, even though we didn’t to the multi-day trip we’d originally planned.

Ice in Copper Harbor on May 21st!
Ice in Copper Harbor on May 21st!

That’s it! It was a great spring, and I think that having some short-term goals worked out pretty well. I’m going to do it again for summer, so stay tuned…

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