A Handful of Goals for Summer

Since my list of spring goals worked out pretty well, I figure that I should do it again for summer.

Isle Royale
Perhaps its time for a return to Isle Royale this summer.

In the spring I focused on getting outside and building strength after a long winter. In truth, I don’t think I want to do much different this summer. I want to focus on playing outside, getting stronger (because I could have done more in spring), and eating real food. This is the list for approximately June 15 through September 15:

  • Garden a lot
  • Work on my Master Gardener project
  • Race the Copperman Triathlon
  • Strength train regularly (2-3 times per week)
  • Bike commute regularly (2 times per week)
  • Camp twice, at least once by bike
  • Eat only real food (give up processed food)

This is a pretty straightforward list. When I first made it, I couldn’t help but wonder, That’s all? Shouldn’t there be something bigger? Sometimes I can’t help but feel like I’m supposed to be doing more. Shouldn’t I be having big adventures?

  • Go to the beach for 90 consecutive days
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  • A bike tour. Across the country. While eating only milkweed or something equally ridiculous.

But I don’t have the big adventures in mind. I just want a few little ones and a lot of quiet.

And I guess that is good because I needed to critically reevaluate my list before I could post it. Sexy ended up breaking his ankle while playing baseball last week and needed to have a few screws installed to keep it in place. He’ll be on crutches for the next six weeks, which means that our summer is going to have a very different flavor. We were expecting baseball, fishing, and mountain biking to be the big activities for the summer, but now it looks like a lot of the summer—at least through July—will be largely spent relaxing on the porch.

Mellow summer, here we come.

Perhaps its time for a return to the Porcupine Mountains this summer.
Perhaps its time for a return to the Porcupine Mountains this summer.

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