Suddenly Slow

All of my first cars were stick shifts. I remember how sometimes I would be slowing down and have to shift into a lower gear, I’d do it too soon; the engine would rev and the car would jerk a little bit before the car slowed down to the right speed.

That’s what life has felt like this week: downshifting, a little awkwardly.

Sexy broke his ankle last week; he was playing baseball and ran into the fence while trying to catch a foul ball. He is handling it like a champion (I suspect I’d be so much more difficult if it was me), but he will be on crutches through July.

Me, watching my number 3 play baseball years ago.
Me, watching my number 3 play baseball years ago.

This means that our summer has suddenly shifted to an entirely different speed. Instead of fishing and mountain biking and kayaking, we’ll be spending a lot of time relaxing around the house. Any baseball games we go to this year (and in subsequent years, probably) will be for him to watch, not play. The first week has already been quite a bit different: I cancelled two work trips to be able to stay at home and be around. I worked from home for a few days too, revising documents while sitting crossed-legged on our couch and taking a conference call from our front porch.

It’s not our normal pace, but I think it will be nice in a lot of ways. I’ve been wanting things to be simpler and quieter, and now they certainly are. It’s a good way to spend a few weeks of the summer.


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