I haven’t had too much time to write the past few weeks, so this is just a quick post to hit some highlights of my travel last week. I flew to Burlington, VT, for work and then traveled with a few colleagues to a meeting at a rustic location extreme northeast corner of New Hampshire.

The road into our meeting location.
The road into our meeting location.

I hadn’t been to this part of the Northeast yet, so I was excited to see it. I was also excited to spend some time in New England forests during the growing season, as most my trips seem to take place in late fall or early spring once the leaves are off.

The landscape.
The landscape.

We were split across two cabins. One had solar electricity and running water in the sink, but still had an outhouse. We had our meeting in that cabin, but slept in one of the older cabins. It didn’t have electricity—it had gas lights.

Rustic cabin.
Rustic cabin.

We didn’t actually do anything in our cabin, though, except sleep. In my mind, I imagine that this is the sort of bedroom that you would have if you went to girl scout camp.

Seriously rustic.
Seriously rustic.

There was no cell phone service. There was a wireless connection at the cabin that had electricity, although it generally wasn’t working while we were there. I felt pretty good about being disconnected for a few days, but it defnitely took a toll on some of the people with more work and family responsibilities.

For amenities, however, we did have good beer in the evenings.

How one scientist labels his beer cooler. Ha!

We got to spend some time in the woods for work, which is always a treat. The forests were gorgeous!

The fun days at work.
The fun days at work.

One of the things we were most excited about was the forest floor. It was so thick and cushiony—no earthworms there like we have in the Midwest. Several of us commented about it, and joked about burying ourselves in it like sand at the beach.

The forest floor.
The forest floor.

We also spent a lot of time inside working, but it was a good setting. We were able to work outside at picnic tables for our breakout sessions, which I wish happened more often.

I was also able to get out one morning and take a short hike, which also helped me get a sense of the place.

Morning walk.

My favorite part of the trip,  not documented in pictures, was swimming in the river one evening. Our cabin didn’t have a shower, and it would have been difficult to share the single shower with the seven occupants of the other cabin. But we took advantage of the most gorgeous swimming hole on the river to wash off and relax. I’d love to go back to that spot someday.


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