An Open Letter to My Pre-Workout Self

Dear Maria,

I know you don’t want to work out. I can imagine exactly how you feel right now: tired, burnt out, unmotivated, and/or slow. Also, probably hungry. Just about anything seems better than changing clothes and getting down to it. Suddenly, work just got a lot more interesting didn’t it? Or did you suddenly realize an errand that needs running? Or has it just been a really really long day and you feel like you just need to go home and relax?

Yup, I’ve been there. I totally get it.

But here are three reasons why I think you should do that work out even though I know how much you don’t want to.

1) First, it’s the healthy thing to do. Exercise is good for you. Sitting is the new smoking. No surprises here, but I realize that this isn’t the most motivating message. It’s hard to get excited about something you “should” do. But if one of the things you want most is life is to grow up to be a spry 90-year-old hell-raiser someday—and I know that you do—you have to be act like it now.

2) I know you don’t believe me, but you’ll actually enjoy it. You’ll even be happy that you did it. I can guarantee that you’ll experience something new and interesting. I wrote this letter while running on a nice fall day, the brown crunch of leaves underfoot and golden maple leaves overhead. It wasn’t a particularly beautiful day or the most epic run, but it was a nice day and a nice run. There’s never has been a time that I’ve worked out and afterward thought, “That was a stupid waste of time; I wish I’d stayed home and watched TV.” So I dare you to go do something and tell me you’d have preferred to do nothing.

3) You won’t dread it anymore. This relates to the last reason: The worst part of the any workout is debating whether or not to work out. You know that ambivalent procrastination that you’re doing right now? The “should I or shouldn’t I?” and the “I don’t feel like it.” That is the absolute worst. Skip that part, and you’re already half done.

Nike says, “Just do it”
I say, “Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.”




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