A Three-Day Weekend Full of Outside Time

I had a three-day weekend with lots of outside time, but I didn’t take any pictures. Doh!

After work on Thursday, I did a short outdoor workout. Then, because it was gorgeous outside in the evening and rain was in the forecast for Friday, I spent an hour in the garden. I enjoy gardening in the evening, and need to remember to do more of it next year so that I keep my weekends free. I wrapped up my gardening before dusk, quickly packed my things, and went out to the property to sleep outside on Thursday night.

It rained Friday morning, so I spent the morning inside puttering around the house and cleaning. When it cleared up in the afternoon, I went outside to continue working in the garden. My garden wasn’t so great this year (more on that in an upcoming post), so I’ve been pulling up plants as soon as their productivity wanes so that I can work on the soils. I pulled up onions and potatoes and set them aside to wash later. I pulled up all the cabbage plants, which were mostly unproductive and full of cabbage worms, and the broccoli plants too. I even pulled up all of the tomato plants because the majority of the tomatoes were ripe. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many of them: just two or three small tomatoes on each plant at best. After several beds had been cleared out and weeded, I set about adding soil amendments: lime to raise the pH, rock phosphate for phosphorus, greensand for potassium and trace minerals, and a wee bit of nitrogen fertilizer. It was a productive afternoon, and hopefully my work will pay off next year.

On Saturday morning, I went to the trails to mountain bike. It was a really nice, cool morning, and I rode for a little over an hour. There were a million mushrooms in the woods because of the tremendous amount of rain that has fallen during the past few weeks. I wish I knew my mushrooms; I sent a text to a friend after my ride and he said that he’d collected  more than 10 pounds of edible mushrooms from the woods earlier in the week. Later in the afternoon, we went to the cottage. I rode my bike a little ways to check out the river in the afternoon, and we puttered around a bit outside in the evening.

Sunday was the big day because Sexy and I had the whole day to hang out. In the morning, we went out and sat in one of his duck blinds and watched the sun come up. It isn’t duck season yet, so this was a chance for him to see what kind of birds might be around and get to know the area a bit better. But mostly it was just sitting around and chatting, watching the marsh wake up. We sat out there for over an hour, and then I paddled my kayak from one end of property to the other. After breakfast, we drove to a place about 9 miles upstream, put the kayaks in, and worked our way down the river and across the lake. The water was high from all of the rain that we’ve gotten, so it was quick paddling until we hit the lake. The calm lake made for slow paddling, made even slower by it being sunny and hot. We just weren’t motivated to push too hard. We’d periodically stop and just listen; sometimes it seemed almost absolutely quiet. Not even crickets. Occasionally, we’d hear a gull call or fish splash or a car or plane in the distance. Eventually, the silence ended when somebody started up their lawnmower, but even that eventually faded to almost nothing after we’d paddled further down the lake.

Once we were back at the cottage in the evening, there were additional things that we did outside. We ate dinner outside, which was fun but surprisingly uncomfortable because of the heat. To escape, we went for a walk in the woods to explore a trail that we hadn’t yet walked down. We walked through the woods parallel to the lake shore for a while, and turned around when the trail petered out. After that, I sat in the hammock for a while and wrote. Then it was time to help Sexy work on some of his duck blinds by dragging a canoe full of balsam boughs though the marsh with our kayaks. It was slow and not fun, and then I almost fell into the lake when I was getting out of my kayak. I was happy when that project was done! I puttered around outside a bit more and then it was time to head in for the night.

It would be nice to have some pictures to go with this post, but my hope is that at least writing it down will make it that much easier to remember. It was a great weekend, and I hope I have more like this during the fall.



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