We stayed pretty close to home this summer on account Sexy’s broken ankle (better now!) and getting our very own camp.  We’ve also been especially busy at work the past few weeks. Because we haven’t had a lot of time to play, we decided to head to the Keweenaw for the weekend for a series of small adventures.

We started out by visiting an undisclosed location so that Sexy could see how suitable an area would be for deer hunting, which involved about 3 miles of walking on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous fall day with bright colors.


From there, we went up to Copper Harbor and I raced the first day of the Keweenaw Cup—a two-day cyclocross race that’s part of the Upper Peninsula series. I started off way to hard and burned myself out early in the race. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to finish because I was feeling really sick. Once I started feeling a little better, I fell on a tight corner. I scratched up my knee, and I had to fix my chain, which had fallen off my bike. Later, I realized that my front wheel was loose (probably from the fall) and had to stop and fix that. And then later in the race I had to do it again. But I did finish!

After that, Sexy and I went on a short mountain bike ride on the Copper Harbor Trails. Of course I was extra sluggish after the race, but it would have been a shame not to get out on these trails, which are absolutely awesome. Plus, it was one his first times out since breaking his ankle earlier this summer. After that, we caught dinner in Copper Harbor and made our way to Eagle Harbor for the evening. We even got in a short beach walk along Eagle Harbor and went to the Eagle Harbor Inn for a dessert of boozy coffee and pie!

One Sunday morning, we headed out to Lookout Mountain, aka Mount Baldy. I had been there once about 15 years ago, when I snowshoed to the top in the winter. I didn’t remember the top, however, and Sexy had never even been there. So we headed out as soon as it was light. It was a pretty easy walk, first along a woods road and then along a narrower trail.


The view from the top was excellent—peak color.


Unfortunately, I still need to get the best photos off of Sexy’s phone!


After a 6-mile round-trip hike, we returned to Copper Harbor for the second day of cyclocross racing. Given all the extra biking and hiking, I decided to be a lot more conservative during the race and just focus on having fun. I deliberately held back and went slow during the first lap, and then worked on maintaining a steady pace through the rest. I felt pretty good the entire time (well, as good as one can feel slogging up long uphill sections over bumpy grass…) and finished second again.

From there, we headed home to relax a bit more before going back to work.

Do you ever have big weekend trips where you try to do it all? I’d love to hear about it!


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