I haven’t made as much progress toward my fall gardening goals as I had hoped to (more on that in an upcoming post…), with the weather being a major contributor. October felt rough, and it wasn’t just me—by some objective measures, our October was the gloomiest on record. Who knew that was a thing?

Just another gloomy fall day at the lake.

November hasn’t been any easier, with substantial snow and cold coming in during the first week of the month and sticking around.

All this gloom and grey meant that I didn’t plant garlic like I’d hoped to. In mid-October, I managed to plant an area about 3″ by 24″ one evening when the weather cooperated (i.e., it was sprinkling but not actually raining). But that was it… until this past weekend.

In a fit of desperation, I managed to plant three of my raised garden beds, effectively doubling the area that I had planted in garlic. This was a huge relief because I won’t have much time to tend this particular garden next year (teaser: I’m starting a brand-new, bigger veggie garden in the spring!) and so I want to plant the area to as many low-maintenance plants as possible. Come next summer, this veggie garden will be almost exclusively planted with garlic and green beans.

This is what planting garlic in November looked like:

A rainy day meant that much of the snow had already melted.
So I only had to rake an inch or two of snow to expose the soil.

It wasn’t nearly as cold and miserable outside as I thought it would be. And the soil was actually in good condition—moist but not too wet to work in. These beds had been planted with green beans this past summer, and I left them to die back in place. By the time I returned in November, the plants had completely died back and I was able to plant directly into the ground without any site prep.

Perhaps I’ll call this method snow-till! (Instead of no-till… get it?!?! 🙂 )

I still need to mulch these beds soon, but I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to get a reasonable amount of garlic next year. Certainly more than if I hadn’t done this second round of planting.


3 thoughts on “Desperate Gardening (in the Snow)

  1. HI Maria, snow till! cool original term! I love building up the soil by leaving stuff on the surface to rot down, but I have never had to contend with weather like that!


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