What’s new? What have you been up to? I feel like I never have anything to tell people when they ask me what is new in my life. Between not having kids and purposefully working to maintain a drama-free lifestyle, nothing comes to mind as particularly worthy to mention. So I usually say “not much” and proceed to live my happy and not-so-notable life.

But there is one exciting thing that I want to tell you about. It’s called Otter Point Woods and is a spit of land that we purchased over the past two years. We purchased an initial 18 acres of lakeshore property (mostly woods and wetland) and a 1920s cottage in August of 2016, and then another 12 acres of adjacent field and forest this past September. It’s hard to believe we’ve had the property more than two years, as I’m still adjusting to it because we find ourselves spending more and more of our time there.

A map of the land we bought in 2016.
Much of Otter Point Woods is a peninsula that sticks out into a lake, the by-product of sediment deposition on an old river channel. No part of the property is more than a few hundred yards from the water.
Much of the land is forest, with green ash being the most common tree. The emerald ash borer insect is not far away and is likely to kill many of the trees in the next few years.
A cottage was built in 1920, when the landscape looked much different. Perhaps the biggest difference? Much of the land didn’t even exist, and was lake!
We’ve been making changes to make the property work better for us, including this small garden.
The additional parcel we purchased this summer includes more woods and a field. Plans for next summer include a much larger garden space.

I wrote a forest management plan for the initial property in 2017 (it’s officially a Tree Farm!) and need to update it for the additional acreage. Stay tuned for more as we update the plan.



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