Meandering through the interwebs, I came across Ally Bean’s post on her one word of the year and I wondered: Should I have a word of the year? And if I did, what would it be?

It took some thinking, but not a lot. The first word I thought of was grow both because I value personal growth and because I literally want to grow a lot of plants this year.

But if I’m just on the couch and I think of the word grow, it doesn’t tell me what I’m supposed to do in that moment. I want to grow this year, and I sure I will. But I don’t yet know know much or in what direction I need to grow; in this way, I’m like a plant that grows toward the sunlight and resources that are available in my environment. I’m opportunistic in my growth.

So I thought more about how I might personally need to grow this year and came up with a better word that I’ll use for this year: appreciate. 

Appreciate (v):
to be aware of something, or to understand that something is valuable

Cambridge English Dictionary

I like it because it brings together the ideas of mindfulness and gratitude, but happily without the annoying trendiness that those two words have these days. Appreciation feels simpler, a lower bar that means just being a tad more aware.

I like that it tells me what to do in a particular moment, to basically take a second and stop and smell the roses.

What do you think of this whole #oneword idea? Do you have one?


4 thoughts on “One Word for 2019

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog post. I’m glad you stumbled upon The Spectacled Bean.

    Appreciate is a wonderful word that will, I believe, get you going in the right direction this year.

    [I love your honest assessment of mindfulness and gratitude. They do seem a bit trendy.]

  2. My theme for the year is flow. Going with what comes my way and simply following the flow of my life. So far it has been a helpful theme, especially when things do not go the way I want. 😀


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