I’ve always loved nature, ever since I was orphaned as a baby and raised by wolves. Just kidding!—ever since I was little and grew up spending tons of time outside. I tagged along with my dad on his work as a fisherman, trapper, and many more things. I wandered the fields and forests surrounding our home. That set me on my way, and then I moved to Upper Michigan and went to forestry school. I’ve since married a forester (alias Sexy on this site), snagged an awesome job in natural resources, and continued to play outside.

But nature has been in the background more than it should be. Sure, our house is in the country and my work focuses on forests, but too often the woods is just what I pass through as I run or bike with buds in my ears and my mind a million miles away. I have been way too disconnected, and I realize that if I want to have a life that’s simpler, calmer, and more intentional (which I do), I have to give nature its own role and let it take center stage from time to time.

So that’s where this blog comes from. It’s a place to gather what I learn about nature and share it with others so that we can all get out more and enjoy life.

I kind of love trees (and things made from trees) and it’s a little bit embarrassing. Okay, really embarrassing. But at least I can blame it on genetics– that’s my dad cuddling up with a UP sugar maple!