4 Reasons to Exercise Outside

Now that it's summer, it's almost impossible for me to get myself to go into the gym. Of course the gym has it's place (to lift heavy things! to avoid scorching hot weather!), but I think it's way better to be outside than in. Here are five reasons┬áto exercise outdoors and how to make it … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Exercise Outside

I’m not an Olympic athlete. (Surprise!!!)

I'm been devouring an audiobook the last few days-- it's called the┬áThe Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Perfomance, and I'm hooked. The theme is one of my favorites in a long, nerdy list of nonfiction subjects that I gravitate toward: nature versus nurture. Plus, the sports topic makes is fast-paced and edgy, … Continue reading I’m not an Olympic athlete. (Surprise!!!)