My Gardening Goals for 2018

There may be 2 feet of snow on the ground, but the 2018 gardening season is here! I finally ordered my seeds this week and I also planted my raised bed hoop house with greens and am hoping for an early harvest of greens like I was able to get last year. This is an … Continue reading My Gardening Goals for 2018


Early Spring: Wild Leeks (and Recipe Roundup)

Foraging is something I've said that I want to do more of this year. I keep waiting and waiting, but it's still early spring. Even a week ago we had enough snow to cover the ground. The forest is just starting to wake up for spring. And, in this case, waking up seems to be … Continue reading Early Spring: Wild Leeks (and Recipe Roundup)

Planning Next Year’s Veggie Garden: 5 Questions for You to Consider

It’s never too early to start planning next summer’s garden! Although it will still be several months before the snow melts and ground is ready to plant, I already have a stack of seed catalogs begging for my attention. I'm working on a talk about vegetable garden planning that I'll give at the library next … Continue reading Planning Next Year’s Veggie Garden: 5 Questions for You to Consider

Unconventional Living: Breakfast Salads

I bought breakfast cereal the other day, for the first time in ages. Sexy requested it, because his ankle is broken and he wanted some easy meals around the house. I tried a few bites when I was getting him a bowl. It's been two years since I'd had any cereal, and probably closer to three … Continue reading Unconventional Living: Breakfast Salads

Make Maple Cookies

Have you been making maple syrup? Reward yourself for all that hard work by making these delicious maple cookies. It's my favorite cookie recipe! Maple Leaves 3 c flour 1/4 t salt 1 c butter 3/4 sugar 1/2 c maple syrup 1 egg yolk 1/4 t vanilla Shorthand instructions: Cream sugar and butter. Add maple … Continue reading Make Maple Cookies

Blueberry Mini-Adventure (and Muffins!)

We all hated jack pine in college. In forestry school, we spent an entire fall semester alternating our time between cool, moist hardwood forests and the hot, dusty jack pine plains. The hardwoods were comfortable to work in and a lot less likely to harbor nests of vicious hornets. It took me a long time … Continue reading Blueberry Mini-Adventure (and Muffins!)

Sauerkraut Gets a Makeover (And It’s Looking Better Than Ever)

Let’s face it: Sauerkraut has an image problem. At best, the fermented food elicits memories of an Oktoberfest side dish served alongside bratwurst, and probably only consumed after drinking a boot (or two) of beer. But this isn’t your grandmother’s sauerkraut anymore. New and improved kinds are popping up on everything from burgers to health … Continue reading Sauerkraut Gets a Makeover (And It’s Looking Better Than Ever)

The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Pickles

This recipe is in quite the pickle—in a good way. Pickling is an easy way to preserve food by using acidic solutions that help prevent spoilage. Today's versions of pickling include both fermented foods, which undergo a process to create lactic acid to keep bad bacteria out, as well as foods preserved in vinegar. Even … Continue reading The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Pickles