Stewardship Plan: Cottage

We are developing the following stewardship plan for approximately 18 acres of land that we acquired in August 2016. This plan provides a guiding document to detail our vision for the property and record its conditions. Once completed, it will describe the history and current features of the property, as well as outline our future plans. Even before completion, it will serve as a starting point for directing our stewardship work.

Our primary goals for the property are:

  • Provide high-quality habitat for diverse wildlife species with an emphasis on waterfowl
  • Enhance opportunities for hunting, foraging, and other forms of recreation
  • Protect and maintain water quality
  • Maintain a trail network for access

Plan Outline (sections in progress)

Site Description

  • History
  • Natural Features

Management Considerations

  • Wildlife
  • Rare Species & Habitats
  • Forest Health
  • Invasive Species
  • Special Sites

Management Units

  • Buildings
  • Yard
  • Orchard
  • Field
  • Lowland hardwood forest
  • Tag alder wetlands
  • Cattail wetlands