The Blog, Year 3

I recently realized that I’ve started my third year of blogging.

Happy belated b-day, Bloggy!


I started the blog in October 2013 as a place to record miscellanous ideas and travels. At that time, I only had a vague sense that I wanted to write, and was not very clear on the reasons why. In retrospect, the best answer to why I started blogging would probably be: mindfulness. As the pace of my career and my life picked up, I was realizing how disconnected I was from certain aspects of my day-to-day life. Continue reading “The Blog, Year 3”

Should I blog?

Last fall I started a blog. I was really unsure about whether it would be worth my time and very insecure about putting my thoughts out there. But the idea also appealed to me, so in the spirit of personal growth through discomfort, I committed to trying it for a year. Now I’m nearing the other side, having written at least twice per month since last fall, and it’s time to decide whether to keep going.

Eek! People may actually read this.

The Case for Blogging
My initial reasons for blogging were vague and varied. Continue reading “Should I blog?”