I’m Quitting Sugar in 2019!

It's the beginning of a new year and, as usual, I'm caught up in the year-end decision to go nuts making a million resolutions. This seems to happen to me every year. Sometime in December, I finally decide that I should look back in my goals from the previous year; it inevitably turns out that … Continue reading I’m Quitting Sugar in 2019!


31 Days of Nature Challenge

Audrey over at AudreyWanders.com is instigating a nature challenge for the month of May, and you should sign up! Here's the description of the challenge: 31 Days of Nature is a challenge to spend every day of May 2017 outdoors. All you have to do is spend at least 30 minutes outdoors each day. In … Continue reading 31 Days of Nature Challenge

A Last-Minute Camping Microadventure

I slept outside last night. I was all alone. I didn't die,  and I only really freaked myself out once. Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to sleep outside a few nights. I haven't gone camping or backpacking much during the last several years, and I've been missing it a bit. I camped one … Continue reading A Last-Minute Camping Microadventure


Let's be honest: adventures are fun and exciting, but they can also be exhausting. There can be a lot of planning involved in launching the adventure. And then, if you really do it right and live it up, you can feel completely exhausted afterward (i.e., the dreaded vacation hangover—when you need a vacation from your vacation!). … Continue reading Microadventures

GO: Get Outside!

How much time do you spend outside? If you're like most people—including me—it's probably not all that much. Last fall I made a small challenge for myself, code name Project Get Out, to spend a half-hour outside each day, even in crappy fall weather, which is the worst. I'm going to do it again this … Continue reading GO: Get Outside!

Project Get Out: Weeks 9 & 10

Project Get Out is my personal challenge to spend at least a half hour a day outside for the fall. Because even though I work in natural resources and write about the outdoors, I don’t get out nearly enough.  Ack! This fall-turned-suddenly-to-winter has gotten the best of me, making me want to give up and hibernate! … Continue reading Project Get Out: Weeks 9 & 10