Project Get Out: Week 2

Project Get Out is my personal challenge to spend at least a half hour a day outside for the fall. Because even though I work in natural resources and write about the outdoors, I don’t get out nearly enough. Woo-hoo! Just the fact that I've kept at this for two weeks is pretty impressive to … Continue reading Project Get Out: Week 2

Finding a Way to Live the Dream

Everybody wants to retire early, right? This is my dream: that we'll be financially independent by 55, allowing us to work as much or as little as we want, to volunteer, to travel, and to spend our spare time playing outdoors. I get really excited to think about this and often wonder if and how … Continue reading Finding a Way to Live the Dream

How to Launch an Adventure

1. Daydream a big, bold, exciting adventure. Something that's within reach, but perhaps the kind of reach where you have to stand on your tippy toes and grab on to something that's uncomfortably far above the ground. If it was something that seemed impossible a few years ago, that's a good sign. So too is that slightly … Continue reading How to Launch an Adventure

All the Trees in our Woods

Tonight was a totally gorgeous night, so I took the time to take a slow walk around our property and see what trees are out there as part of my quest to record all the plants on our property. I feel pretty sheepish that I've never done this before in the six years that we've … Continue reading All the Trees in our Woods