Otter Point Woods: Property History

This post is part of a series that highlights sections of our forest management plan for Otter Point Woods. “Buy land, they aren't making it anymore.” – Mark Twain. Here's what might be the most unique thing about Otter Point Woods—it is new land. At the turn of the 20th century, there was just Otter … Continue reading Otter Point Woods: Property History

Introducing Otter Point Woods

What's new? What have you been up to? I feel like I never have anything to tell people when they ask me what is new in my life. Between not having kids and purposefully working to maintain a drama-free lifestyle, nothing comes to mind as particularly worthy to mention. So I usually say "not much" … Continue reading Introducing Otter Point Woods

My Gardening Goals for 2018

There may be 2 feet of snow on the ground, but the 2018 gardening season is here! I finally ordered my seeds this week and I also planted my raised bed hoop house with greens and am hoping for an early harvest of greens like I was able to get last year. This is an … Continue reading My Gardening Goals for 2018

Early Spring: Wild Leeks (and Recipe Roundup)

Foraging is something I've said that I want to do more of this year. I keep waiting and waiting, but it's still early spring. Even a week ago we had enough snow to cover the ground. The forest is just starting to wake up for spring. And, in this case, waking up seems to be … Continue reading Early Spring: Wild Leeks (and Recipe Roundup)

Clouds are for Everyone

Although it's still winter, there are signs that spring is on its way. A week of unseasonably warm weather made me start a gardening project in February and we'll be making maple syrup before too long. Like most years, I slipped into a bit of a funk starting sometime in November, which lasted into January. I … Continue reading Clouds are for Everyone