My Trek to Find a Forest Island

When I visit cities, I like to walk. I will walk until my feet hurt and I get blisters, but I rarely get sick of walking someplace new if there’s ample time and my feet are up for it. 

Washington DC is a great place to walk. It’s clean, it’s pretty, there’s plenty to see, and public transportation is usually nearby  if a trip needs to be cut short. I feel like I’ve walked over enormous swaths of metro DC in past visits there. On this most recent visit, I really wanted to walk someplace I hadn’t managed to visit yet: Theodore Roosevelt Island

Teddy Roosevelt Island is in the middle of the Potomac River. The island is on the right, Virginia on the left, and Georgetown is across the bridge.

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Country Mouse Visits the City

When I was little, I had two favorite stories, both of which probably say a lot about me. One was the Princess and the Pea (because I am a real princess, after all 🙂 ). The other was the Country Mouse and the City Mouse. I can’t remember the entire story of the two mice, but the gist was that the country mouse went to visit her friend in the city and was impressed by all the things there. But then was also scared by the city, and was happy to go back to the country and live a simple life.

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