May Celebration

I'm a bit overdue on publishing this post, but I couldn't miss this one: the outdoor adventures from our 10th anniversary celebration! My husband (alias Sexy on this blog!) and went up north to Lac La Belle and Copper Harbor to relax and check out some sights we hadn't yet managed to visit in the 12+ years … Continue reading May Celebration


An Unusual Breakfast

The other morning I went for a walk to the lake. And then it was so nice that I kept walking. I turned north and walked the gravel road along the lake shore. The houses turned to cottages and then there were no buildings and the road was just a trail that ran along the … Continue reading An Unusual Breakfast

Slog this Way: Finding a Special Swamp

This week's mini-adventure had a few things in coming with the last one, including hot sticky weather, blistered feet, and that creepy feeling of being alone-but-perhaps-not-really-alone in the woods. Happily, I did not see any bears. I volunteered to take a look at a property for Keweenaw Land Trust to see what's out there and make sure … Continue reading Slog this Way: Finding a Special Swamp

My Trek to Find a Forest Island

When I visit cities, I like to walk. I will walk until my feet hurt and I get blisters, but I rarely get sick of walking someplace new if there's ample time and my feet are up for it. Washington DC is a great place to walk. It's clean, it's pretty, there's plenty to see, and public … Continue reading My Trek to Find a Forest Island

All the Trees in our Woods

Tonight was a totally gorgeous night, so I took the time to take a slow walk around our property and see what trees are out there as part of my quest to record all the plants on our property. I feel pretty sheepish that I've never done this before in the six years that we've … Continue reading All the Trees in our Woods