The Week Past Peak

This year, peak fall colors occurred about a week ago. To be precise, the actual peak happened sometime between Sunday at 4 pm and Tuesday at 3 pm, depending on the location. For me, the grandest moment of the fall was a week ago Sunday evening when it was unseasonably warm and I decided to just … Continue reading The Week Past Peak


Ready or Not, It’s Fall

The past few weeks have flown by a bit unexpectedly. At the beginning of the month, I thought that things would be calmer since we didn't seem to have many impending commitments. But things really filled in and, when combined with progressively shorter days, it's been surprisingly busy. I did manage to keep up on my … Continue reading Ready or Not, It’s Fall

GO: Get Outside!

How much time do you spend outside? If you're like most people—including me—it's probably not all that much. Last fall I made a small challenge for myself, code name Project Get Out, to spend a half-hour outside each day, even in crappy fall weather, which is the worst. I'm going to do it again this … Continue reading GO: Get Outside!