Make Maple Syrup (Part 2): Tap Trees

As the days creep toward days above freezing, it’s time to tap trees and start collecting maple sap. In the previous post, you lined up the supplies that you’ll need: spiles, a cordless drill, a bit, containers, and a few other things. Find the Trees Of course, you’ll start by finding trees to tap. While [...]

Make Maple Syrup (Part 1): Get Ready!

Making maple syrup is the perfect activity to say “goodbye” to winter and welcome the muddy, messy of year that let’s us know that spring is here. This four-part series will cover what you need to know to get started making maple syrup. How it Works Maple syrup is concentrated from tree sap, which contains [...]

Find Your Naturehood

I really like this new campaign by the US Forest Service and Ad Council: Every neighborhood has a naturehood. I'm not sure that it's a brand-new idea—Canada has a naturehood program too, as do some individual communities—but it does have some great messaging about getting outside. What's a naturehood? A naturehood is simply nearby nature: parks and other [...]

Kill Your Lawn

Pop quiz: What’s the most heavily irrigated crop in the US? If you deduced from the title of this post (because you’re smart like that) that it’s our collective lawns, then you’d be correct. A new study estimated that more than 40 million acres of land are some type of lawn. Yes, lawns are great for looking nice, [...]