Experience Real, Not Virtual, Nature

I am excited that the most recent episode of  The Big Bang Theory (s. 9, ep. 20) highlighted some science about the health benefits of spending time in nature. It starts off with Sheldon wearing a virtual reality headset to spend time in a fabricated nature in order to get the brain-boosting benefits and hesitant to go … Continue reading Experience Real, Not Virtual, Nature

Nearest Nature: Spend Time in Your Yard

Do you want to spend more time in nature? If so, forget the scenic  vistas , popular parks, and wild destinations; there's is an enormity of nature in your yard, even if it is the size of a postage stamp. Here's a starter list of ideas for easy ways to get more time outside. Garden … Continue reading Nearest Nature: Spend Time in Your Yard

Three Versions of Spring

After a long streak of no-travel, I had a long streak with travel. Three weeks of travel in a four-week period, seven states, lots and lots of meetings. It was fun, but it was exhausting. The highlight? Experiencing early spring in three different locations. Spring #1: Walden Pond During my trip across much of New England, I … Continue reading Three Versions of Spring